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Personalized College Advising

College advisement services are not just for high school seniors. Planning for college should start early!

Atrium’s experienced college advisors have helped many of our students gain admittance to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. They will work tirelessly to find the right college or university for your child.

Our Approach

​Atrium offers individualized college application support based on your child's and family needs. Our personalized, one on one, college advisement services are there to help your family through every step of the college search, application and decision making process. 


Collaborative Advising

  • Your senior advisor oversees all aspects of your child's needs  and application assistance, including all aspects of the common application process.  The advisor reviews the student's academic record and activities and offer suggestions for improvement. 

  • An essay specialist assists with the main essay, supplements and activity resume. The senior advisor is involved in all aspects of the process. 

  • We develop a list of target, safety and reach schools and we provide suggestions about applying to a school via regular decision, early decision 1 or 2, or early action.

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Our Approach

Over the years, we have seen many of our clients accepted to some of the top Universities and Colleges in the country. We love hearing back from all of our happy and successful students. These schools include: University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Cornell, Wisconsin, Florida, Bucknell, Penn State, Tulane, Emory, USC, High Point, Delaware, Syracuse, Ohio State, Maryland, Franklin and Marshall, SUNY Binghamton, U Miami, Northeastern, and Boston University among others.

Career Counseling

Atrium Educational's career counselors provide clients with positive motivation and personalized guidance on how to look for a job/career in their areas of interest. Career counselors assist with drafting and revising resumes and cover letters. In addition they help with navigating career search sites, setting up accounts, conducting mock interviews and corresponding with potential employers. We are here along every step of the way to assist our clients with personalized advice for their journey.

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Career Counseling
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