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Frequently Asked Questions

All your answers are one click away. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask:  

  • Can I Hire My Atrium Tutor Directly?  No. Atrium tutors are not independent contractors. Our Tutors agree not to work directly with any students. Each tutor also agrees to comply with the Atrium Tutor And Counselor Code of Conduct which is available to you upon request. When booking with Atrium, you also agree to Atrium’s Terms and Conditions of Services, which state you can not solicit or hire any of our tutors directly.

  • What are Atrium’s Terms and Conditions of Services?  All of Atrium’s services are provided in accordance with Atrium’s Terms and Conditions of Services. By accepting services from Atrium, you agree to be legally bound to Atrium Terms and Conditions of Services.​ Our Terms and Services can be found in the footer of our webpage. 

  • Can I Pay Using Any Method Other Than Credit Card? Generally our payment policy is credit card only. However, upon request, we accept payment by check for prepaid sessions. We also offer specials of discount tutoring packages, as well as incentive discounts.

  • What If My Child Needs More Specialized Educational Assistance? Like many of our students, some tutors are specialists in more than one subject. However, in most instances, a different tutor is required for each specialty area. We provide tutoring services for all levels of education through high school, including college test preparation. If you child requires special education services, we provide specialists in this area as well. If necessary, your tutor, or our Managing Director and Educational Placement Coordinator can consult with one of our Directors, Dr. Keri Chernuchin, a licensed child psychologist.

  • What Happens If I Have an Issue or Concern about My Tutor That Requires the Attention of Atrium’s Management? Always report any issues or concerns to our Managing Director at 516-584-2741 or email us at​ We strive for perfection and will work to relieve any problem.

  • What Happens If I Miss an Appointment? If you provide Atrium twenty-four (24) hours advance notice, you may reschedule an appointment without any charge. Cancellations on less notice may be charged fees for the services which would have been provided. Emergencies do happen and in such circumstances, Atrium will accommodate you accordingly.

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