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Client Testimonials

"I have now ushered three children through the high school standardized testing and college admission process. I have used individual tutors for specific subjects, tutors for several subjects, various study classes and all the published material available. The simple fact is that Atrium Educational has them all beat, hands down.  Their tutors are knowledgable and professional and Lauren is fastidiously organized.  She will match your child with the right tutor and the results will be gratifying. Take my word for it:  Atrium Educational is the best company in the business.  You will not be disappointed."


Mrs. F, A Very Satisfied Muttontown Family (Locust Valley Schools)


"Our son used Atrium for his ACT tutoring.  Both of his tutors, J and J , were phenomenal!!!  He learned vaulable techniques that made his score in all sections increase by several points.  Most importantly,  he enjoyed  what could have been an overwhelming experience, because his tutors made preparing for the ACT  manageable, with great success at the end of the process.  In addition, working with Lauren Salit was outstanding.   She is the most organized person I know!!  She stayed on top of the tutoring sessions, always giving us honest feedback, important reminders  and flexibility for taking practice exams in the office. Atrium Educational was excellent, and we highly recommend them.  We will definitely be using them for our two younger children as well."


Pleased  Parents in Woodbury, New York (Syosset High School)




"We would like to thank you and your team at Atrium Educational for all of the advice, support and assistance that you have given our daughter and our family. Your tutors are professionals who have truly impacted our daughter. Her Physics tutor was incredibly helpful and made her Physics course much more understandable. These sessions have resulted in a significant improvement in grades and a noticeable difference in attitude. When we needed someone to help proof college essays, you were extremely responsive and sent over an amazing tutor within 2 days of our phone call.  Your staff truly made a difference!"

Sincerely, Satisfied and Relieved Parents
Woodbury, New York


"My daughter, J, said it went very well yesterday and a lot of progress was made. J feels good about the project now, and hopes to have it completed and ready to present in a day or two. She said that T was very helpful and asked her questions to lead her to the answers, rather than feeding her the information. I am very happy how this all worked out, and am so glad we found your service! You will definitely be hearing from me more, especially with SATs coming next year!"


Mrs. A, Manhasset


"“Earth Science is really hard. Earth Science is boring. My teacher said she is not dropping the lowest grade!” These are the statements I heard in my house for the first half of the school year!

By January, I realized that my son needed help. I called Atrium Educational and we met a tutor named “E”.

“E” spent the month of January helping my son to get organized. I started to see his grades improve in all subjects. By May, my son asked if “E” could help him to prepare for the Earth Science regents. My son’s score was 10 points higher than my husband and I expected! His 4th quarter average increased by 5 points. The school year ended on a high note with a confident student with a new found respect for Earth Science."


Mrs. K, Plainview Parent


"My experience with the Atrium tutors has been excellent. The tutors were reliable, knowledgeable and polite. They were effective and personable and related well to high school students. With four children in the family, we often “handed down” the tutors to the next child when others graduated."

Mrs. L , Oyster Bay Cove/Friends Academy Parent


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the assistance with my daughter’s academic tutoring. The tutor you selected was a perfect fit. My daughter was very comfortable working with “R” as her tutor. He provided her with strategies and other test taking tips which were extremely beneficial, and gave her greater self confidence in her abilities. The proof is that my daughter’s SAT and ACT scores greatly improved in both English and Math after a few months of tutoring.I also wanted to thank you for your sincere and genuine interest in my child, and her progress.It was most appreciated."

Mrs. R, Woodbury/Syosset High School Parent


"Atrium Educational has been fantastic for our older son, a student at Friends Academy, who was recently diagnosed with a learning disability. Atrium has changed his life forever by sending excellent, highly skilled tutors to help him to navigate high school.

Atrium’s tutors are kind, thorough and patient with our son. They teach because they really want to tutor kids. They do not make it an assembly line, whereby the tutor is rushing for one session to the next.

Working with Lauren Salit, Atrium’s Managing Director, has changed our family dynamic into an organized, calm home during the school year. Ms. Salit is very efficient; and we are grateful to have had her assisting us for the benefit of our son. Her office responds very quickly to our emails when we have a question; concern; or need to change an appointment. Atrium also works very hard to make sure the tutor they send is not just proficient in a certain subject matter: but the “right fit” for our child.

One Sunday afternoon, a tutor came to our home looking as if he just walked off the beach. In other words, he was relaxed and “informal”, while still coming in extremely professionally and well prepared. He was kind and believable; and our son loved that he seemed “cool”. Atrium’s tutors are serious and teach in a clear and organized manner. Through his experience with Atrium, our son has come to realize that doing his best in school is just a path he must follow to achieve greater goals in life. Atrium’s tutors have helped our son gain confidence in his own ability to succeed. As the tutors really enjoy teaching- our son has felt that emotion, which has translated into greater success for him at school. We have had similar, positive experiences with our younger son, who does not have a learning disability, and is in the Syosset school district.

Give Atrium a chance; as it is well worth it!"

Mr. and Mrs. W/Friends Academy and Syosset Parents



​"J was wonderful "for AP Calc AB tutoring!  He has a very calm manner, and explained things very well.  My son said he definitely helped!"

Mrs. L, Plainview, New York



"I am beyond satisfied with the services that my son has received from Atrium!  He used a math tutor for ACT prep and was able

to raise his initial composite score of a 28, to a 35 on his second attempt at the exam.  He loved his tutor and I found him to

be really in tune with exactly what my child needed.  This tutor also helped my son score a 780 on the SAT 2 Math 1 exam.  We are so 

so confident in his abilities that we are sticking with him as my son now prepares for the Math 2 Test.  

Further, my son took a practice exam on a Saturday morning at Atrium.  It was scored promptly, and the feedback was extremely helpful.

I highly recommend Atrium for all of your children's tutoring needs.  I found Lauren Salit so organized and approachable.  She is very 

committed to finding the right tutor for each child.

Thanks Atrium!"

Fondly, A Happy Suffolk County Client


"I truly appreciate all of your guidance and commitment in helping M so quickly.  I will never forget how good that made

me feel.  You really helped us have a plan in place from a Friday to a Monday, with a direction for some colleges as well.  

I feel we are now in great hands that will support him the best way possible.

Thanks again."

A Syosset Parent


"I just wanted to thank you and Atrium Educational for the excellent tutor you matched us up with.  G was so good with our son.

She was knowledgeable and patient, which is just what he needed.  G was always on time and prepared.  She also brought books 

on her own which included the math problems our son needed help with.  Our son actually looked forward to the days she came to

our house because she was so helpful.  We hope to use her again next year!"

Mrs. S, Port Washington



"Thank you for the professional way you went about working with my daughter on her college applications.  We truly appreciate the

extra time you spent helping us and we value your opinion and advice.  I will definitely be using you again for my son."

Ms. N

Roslyn, New York



"Used Atrium tutors a few different times for my high school son. Had great experiences. Their tutors were very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy going. Lauren is extremely organized and efficient, answering emails and questions immediately. They are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them whether it is to prepare a student for a cumulative exam or just extra help during the school year."

A Very Satisfied Syosset High School Parent



"Atrium’s methods really work.  Our daughter improved her ACT score by two points in one month!  N was incredibly

smart, supportive and motivational.  We have already referred our friends and family to Atrium for its private tutoring programs and are planning to utilize Atrium’s College Advisory Services."

Ms. W., Woodbury, New York


"I have used Atrium many times over the past few years for both of my children.  Lauren has been able to provide me with quality tutors in all areas from Chemistry to Hebrew.  Everything about the process is done in a very professional and timely manner, and they are very easy to work with.  Lauren has found me tutors when I would call for last minute exam prep, as well as short and long term tutors, as needed.  Atrium is an excellent resource for our family!"


Mrs. G. Roslyn, New York



"My daughter used Atrium as a tutoring service to help her study for the Earth Science Regents.  From the minute I contacted them, they were courteous, professional and fast.  They worked with my daughter’s schedule and were willing to meet where it worked for her.  We constantly received reminders for appointments and were contacted well in advance when there needed to be a switch in the tutoring schedule.  My daughter worked well with her tutor who was an Earth Science teacher in another district.  He was able to motivate my daughter, work with her strengths and easily identify her areas of weakness.  My daughter rocked the regents and I am already in talks with the director as to what avenues to pursue with them for college testing.  The director is honest and is extremely knowledgeable as to what avenue is best for her to pursue.  Thank you Atrium!"


Mrs. K, Syosset High School parent


Thank you so much for all of your help!  My son mastered all of his regents thanks to your amazing tutors.  I will highly recommend your services to all of my friends.  Again, Thank You So Much!!!


Mrs. O, Oyster Bay Cove resident and parent of Cold Spring Harbor 10th grader


"Atrium Educational is the most professional, highly organized and helpful company to work with when having a child apply to college.  This was our first time going through the application process and J and the entire staff was amazing.  Taking us through everything step by step, our child developed outstanding resume and writing skills.  Furthermore, the guidance, attention to detail and thoroughness regarding essay recommendations and the Common Application gave us a very clear picture into the minds of the college admissions office.  Emails and phone calls were returned immediately.  I’ve heard from parents that applying to college for the first time can feel like the waves are crashing but we never felt that way at all.  J was our anchor, was able to pull everything together and make this all go so smoothly.  We always knew we were in great hands.  Atrium Educational is wonderful at what it does.  I very highly recommend Atrium Educational because the level of excellence provided is truly superior."

A Very Satisfied Half Hollow Hills Parent, Melville, NY


"I just wanted to let you know that “G” was wonderful in (helping my son with his college applications).  Such a pleasure and so patient.  She really cared about “J” and knew how to motivate him.  “G” really did whatever was needed to be done without hesitation.

Thank you very much for everything. “G” and “C” (our essay tutor) are excellent, and I will definitely recommend Atrium."


Best, Mrs. S.  Dix Hills Parent


"Thank you so much for your help, guidance, support and wonderful tutors!  We will certainly reach out for future guidance at Northwestern! It is still sinking in….WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!"


Ecstatic Manhasset Parents of a Newly Accepted Northwestern Wild Cat


"Dear Atrium,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all help in tutoring “G” for the SSAT. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, as well as “S” and “J”.  I, as well as “G” felt the tutoring process was easy, convenient, and both tutors were able to connect to “G”. “G” felt “S” and “J”, were really in her corner, and motivated her to try to do her best for the SSAT.

If I should ever need tutoring services again, you will be the first, and only person I will call! You run a very efficient, and in my opinion Top- Notch Tutoring Company!

Thank you again for all your help in assisting “G” towards meeting her goals…"

Mrs. B/ Portledge Parent/Melville 


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Atrium Educational for their services. Our daughter has been tutored for the ACT as well as college essay writing. “J”, always prompt and with a smile on her face, was of great help to our daughter. She is extremely knowledgeable and her easy going manner made the tutoring process an enjoyable experience and a confidence builder. “J” expressed genuine interest in our daughter’s progress.

Atrium Educational has been wonderful all around. Calls and e-mails are responded to promptly. The managing director and staff are top notch. They are thoroughly professional and as accommodating as possible. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them."

Mrs. G. / Syosset Parent




Just wanted to give you some feedback.  C took a social studies quiz yesterday and said because of 

what A reviewed with her is the ONLY reason she did well!  He taught her everything that was on the

test- NOT the teacher!  Please let him know.  C was excited about social studies for the first time ever!

------Mrs. A , Cold Spring Harbor Parent


Please find A's most recent SSAT scores attached.  I cannot thank you enough!  V and J were each fantastic

and we are so grateful!!!  I will be HAPPY to recommend you (Atrium) to anyone and everyone!

Mrs. B, Locust Valley Parent



Atrium Educational and Lauren Salit have been a great resource for our entire family especially during the high school years.

Lauren has been able to help us find a tutor for everything from one history paper that one child was stuck on to a physics tutor for the year

and SAT/ACT tutors.  Lauren is diligent in her follow up to ensure sessions are going well and the tutor is a good fit.

Her attention to detail and the ease of scheduling have made the experience of finding educational support for my kids an

absolute breeze!  I highly recommend her services and the tutors are top quality!


Ms. A, Manhasset Mom



I want to thank Atrium Educational for going above and beyond to help my daughter.  Atrium Educational's support, advice

and guidance has been incredible!  Lauren Salit is exceptional!  She is always there to answer any questions, is extremely

organized and gives excellent guidance.  The tutors are patient, professional, well - planned and have multiple areas of

expertise.  Lauren's ability to match your child to the right tutor is unparalleled.  It is refreshing to have finally found

Atrium Educational and to have such an amazing tutor work with my daughter.  I can't recommend them enough!!

Mrs.H, Muttontown, New York

Solomon Schechter parent


I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with Atrium.  We began using your service for college with our first child

in 2016.  She got into her first choice under early decision.  Atrium helped us again with our 2nd child in 2018.  She also

got into her first choice early decision.  In addition, Atrium helped one of our children transfer schools and went above and 

beyond in helping us to navigate the transfer process.  Finally, Atrium recently helped one of our children decide what path to take

post college and ultimately aided with her graduate school application.  Atrium provided guidance in essay writing and

interviewing skills.  During each period that we used Atrium we were provided with a professional approach for the goals

 we were looking to achieve.  Lauren matched a counselor each time that meshed well with our children.  

We owe a lot to Atrium in helping guide our children more than once during what can be a stressful process.

Mr. and Mrs B,

Cold Spring Harbor



B is AMAZING!  I don't know what I would have done without her help with my graduate school applications to obtain

my Masters in social work. She helped me so much throughout the whole process.  I am extremely thankful for her and for your program.  She was very informative, friendly and supportive.  I could not have done it without her.  Further, Lauren

was very responsive, accommodating and organized.  In the future, if I ever need any assistance with any work,

I will be sure to use Atrium again!  I was very  pleased with my experience!

Caitlin B

Plainview New York and University of Delaware Senior



We have been using Atrium Educational for about 3-4 years now for all three of my children.  My oldest for SAT prep and some AP subjects and college essays, and my younger sons with a couple of subjects each. We have been extremely happy with all of the tutors.  My oldest daughters SAT scores improved by at least 200 points.  I would highly recommend Lauren Salit.  She is always easy to reach if you need help or have questions.

Ingrid B

Laurel Hollow/Friends Academy Parent



Working with Lauren at Atrium Educational has been a wonderful experience. Appointments are easily scheduled, always confirmed, and, when necessary, readily switched to a time that is more convenient that particular week 

The tutor we worked with this year could not have been better; a sheer delight and a terrific instructor  

This was a strange year, but Atrium Educational certainly made it an easier one

Patty G

Syosset, New York



“Lauren and her tutors at Atrium were miracle workers. In less than a month, they helped my son not only cram for the SSAT but also succeed. Lauren was able to maneuver and provide excellent tutors in extreme short notice. Both tutors were dedicated, provided excellent strategies, and in the end, we saw our sons practice and actual scores jump more than 30%. Thank you, Atrium, for helping our son get into the school of his dreams.” 

Mr. C/Manhasset

April 2023


We had an excellent experience working with the team at Atrium Educational LLC on SAT prep.  They were organized and very responsive.  Everything was handled in a professional manner, and we would certainly recommend them for any tutoring needs that you may have.  


July 2023


I have used Atrium for many years now. Lauren is wonderful, dedicated and extremely thorough. She has helped my children with tutors for their courses, as well as college admission guidance. I have to say I am always so pleased with the results.  Her tutors for the individual subjects helped my children improve their grades. The college tutors guided them through the application process and the results were incredible. I highly recommend Atrium.

Mrs. W/Northport - parent of newly accepted Boston College Student

December 2023


My children have been clients of Atrium for 10 years.  They have been tutored on high school and college

level subjects ranging in everything from Math to English to Science etc.  Lauren has always found them

excellent tutors.  She has come through for them over and over again whether it be standing

appointments or on short notice. I highly recommend Atrium!

Mrs. S/Roslyn Heights, NY 

March 2024


Thank you Lauren and the tutors at Atrium for helping us to navigate 8th grade science and math with

more confidence and less tears.  Our child's grades improved overnight.  Worth every penny!


Ms. C/Jericho,  NY

March 2024


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