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Tutor Testimonials

"Working for Atrium Educational is a multifaceted experience, at once exciting, rigorous, ambitious, and fulfilling.  Tutoring for Atrium allows me to enjoy working with different students, challenges me to accommodate myriad learning styles, helps me inspire students to achieve their goals, and rewards me when success is attained.  As a tutor, I work directly with Lauren Salit who works tirelessly and efficiently in matching her tutors with the appropriate pupil.  Lauren maintains an open line of communication with regards to scheduling, recommendations, and any issues – if any arise!  Ultimately, working with Atrium Educational has been an enlightening and most pleasurable experience, and I look forward to continuing to share my love of sciences to inspire others!"

Amanda S - Biology and Chemistry Tutor



"Working for Atrium has been a wonderful and self-enriching experience; an institute dedicated to student’s academic development and top performance.  It’s managing director and coordinator, Lauren Salit, is highly professional, accommodating and very respectful.  Most of my student-clients have been Atrium students for a long time; who are seeking to excel in school and beyond.  Atrium delivers quality and effective services to all their student clientele."

Altaf S - American, World, Euro and Global History Teacher/Tutor


"I have enjoyed working for Atrium, and do not plan to leave anytime soon! I have worked for Atrium for nearly 8 years, specializing in ACT Science and working with students who have learning difficulties. Lauren is a pleasure to work with, and works closely with each family and myself to ensure they are getting the best learning experience possible. I am a full time teacher, and my schedule can become very busy throughout the year. Lauren is able to establish the lines of commutation easily and effectively, and it allows me to work with my students in the most effective way possible. She ensures that each tutor and student are a “perfect fit”. If that is not enough, the families that I have worked with through Atrium are some of the kindest and welcoming individuals. Each student that I have worked with is eager, willing and ready to learn so that they can achieve the most out of each session. I am grateful for the opportunities that Atrium has provided me through the years." 

Jen F., Teacher and Atrium ACT Science Tutor


"Working for Atrium has been professionally rewarding.  I have been with Atrium for a little over a year now and it has been a wonderful experience. Lauren Salit is very easy to work for as she is excellent with matching families with tutors and keeping constant communication between all parties involved.  I have a busy schedule because I am very involved at my full-time job, but the ability to schedule my own hours within a family’s availability makes Atrium a wonderful part-time job.  I’ve had the opportunity of working with caring families and motivated students, which is truly the best part of the job!"


Rosemarie S - Atrium Educational English Tutor



"I have been a tutor at Atrium for about a year now, and it has been a great professional experience.  Lauren matched me with a great family and took into consideration my area of expertise while doing so.  There is always exceptional communication between myself and the family and Lauren helps to organize the schedule and times.  I love being able to tutor and maintain my full time job because Atrium likes to put their employees availability at a high priority.  I am someone who has a very  busy schedule so it is nice to find a work environment that is considerate of my lifestyle.  Anyone who is interested in part time tutoring - I would highly recommend doing it through Atrium because they will help to find the best fit for you."

Alexa P- Pre K Enrichment and Elementary Ed Tutor


"Atrium is a very professional and smooth running tutoring company.  Lauren Salit is very organized and keeps abreast of the students and teachers.  In my opinion, that is an important key to success.  Feedback and questions are always answered fully and in a timely manner."

Steve B - Teacher/Tutor or Chemistry and Physics



"I've been working for Atrium Educational LLC for approximately two years as a math tutor. Lauren Salit is my coordinator and she's the one that matches me up with jobs based on my expertise and talents. Lauren is a very understanding person who gets the idea that some matches work and some don't and that's just part of life but she always tries to create the best matches possible. Lauren has a very warm and friendly personality with an air of efficiency. Some wonderful things about Atrium is you always have the option to say yes or no to a new job, they always give you background information about the person you will be tutoring so you know what you're walking into, they handle all the payment quickly and professionally, and all you have to do is go in and teach your subject. Lauren has been pretty amazing in that she's very detail-oriented. For example she makes sure that she reminds you of every job before it occurs even if it's already on your own personal calendar. She will also send you reminders to put in your payroll so you'll never get paid late. Those are all things she doesn't have to do but provides that nice service to show her tutors that she appreciates and respects them. She also checks in after the first session to see how things went and continues the check in throughout the assignment. If there are any problems between you and a client or if a student is not showing up prepared, she acts as the middle person to make sure that all the clients and all the tutors are comfortable and are getting what they need."

Dan R. - Math Teacher and Atrium Tutor - 2018



"In the approximate decade during which I have been a physics tutor for Atrium Educational, I have always found the clients to be excellent students with professional and caring parents, and have thoroughly enjoyed this time as a direct mentor to dozens of students who were eager to learn and improve their physics grades. Additionally, it has been a professional pleasure working with Lauren Salit (Managing Director for Atrium Educational), as she has always provided excellent, professional, kind and concise communication regarding all aspects of working with and meeting clients. Furthermore, Lauren has always exceeded my expectations in finding clients who are in need of a physics tutor. It will certainly be a pleasure to continue as an Atrium tutor for many years to come."

Ed P. - Physics Teacher and Atrium Tutor - 2018


"To work as a tutor for Atrium Educational is to become part of a conscientious family of professional educators whose mission is not only to guide students on a path of progress and success, but also to instill in our students a sense of confidence, achievement, and discipline. My experience as an Atrium tutor has been nothing short of remarkable. When I was hired in 2013, I held a NYS Teaching Certification and was on my path to completing my Master’s Degree. Though I had years of experience teaching in classroom settings and in one-on-one private instruction with students, tutoring for Atrium has truly enhanced my professionalism, my ability to modify lessons to correspond to learners of all levels and abilities, and my desire to continue sharpening my skills as an educator. What truly sets Atrium apart from other tutoring services for which I have worked in the past is the company’s dedication to knowing their clients’ specific needs and matching those clients with a tutor whose style, personality, and approach to teaching and learning corresponds to those needs. At Atrium, clients are not just a number on a roster; they are valued members of a learning community. I consider myself fortunate to work for a company that celebrates their students’ successes and consistently follows up with their families to see how they are doing once their sessions are complete. Some of my happiest moments are receiving emails forwarded to me through Atrium about former students, informing us about their acceptance into a top-choice college or earning a new high score on a qualifying exam. Years ago, I made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to teaching and learning, and working for Atrium Educational allows me to continue on my path toward helping students of all ages grow academically, personally, and professionally."  

Nicole C., M.A., B. S., Ph.D. Candidate and Atrium Tutor - 2018


I started working for Atrium back in college because I needed to work in an environment that allowed me to have a flexible schedule while also offering a competitive rate. Lauren and her team have been able to accommodate my needs for clients and scheduling so well over the past 5 years that even after I finished school I chose to continue seeing clients around my work schedule. I believe the strongest qualities at Atrium are their motivated clients, their ease of scheduling, their quick communication, and their ability to draw constructive feedback from tutoring sessions. I regret working other jobs while in school when I consider the opportunity working for Atrium has been for me. I feel quite fortunate to have worked with them all these years; Atrium is great company to work for and takes care of its tutors exceptionally well.

Mohammad Z. - Atrium Math and Science Tutor - 2018


"I have been working as a tutor for Atrium Educational since 2014, and my experience has been very fulfilling. I love what I do, and Lauren Salit makes my job easy. She is extremely organized and professional, always keeping the line of communication open between clients and tutors, with students' and staff's best interest in mind. Nothing is more rewarding than successful outcomes for my students, and that is what happens at Atrium."

Allison L. - Former English Teacher and Atrium Tutor - 2018 


Working as a Spanish language tutor for Atrium has been an enriching experience.  As an employee, Atrium was extremely 

flexible and understanding of my schedule as a full time professional. As a tutor, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work 

with smart, self motivated students who are excited to learn.  I also formed wonderful relationships with the families of the 

students who were incredibly kind.  I am sad to be leaving Atrium to pursue my doctorate but I know that the 

experience  I gained will serve me well as a teaching academic and I am forever grateful to Lauren for giving me the opportunity.

Kristin B- Spanish Tutor - 2019


Working for Atrium Educational is a wonderful experience.  There is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling, which is ideal

for tutors who are employed full - time and work for Atrium part time.  The communication is truly outstanding.  I

go into every session feeling extremely well prepared about what the student needs and what is expected of me.  Lauren

is incredibly organized and efficient, responding almost immediately to emails, sending appointment reminders, and checking

in after sessions.  I truly enjoy every aspect of my work with Atrium- it is a positive, flexible and professional environment

that I would highly recommend.


Yasmine M - College Advisor and Executive Functioning Coach- 2020



When people find out that I tutor for a living, they often respond, "That sounds great. How do you like it?" And, from

experience, I can tell them that it's all about for whom you work.

Since starting at Atrium, I can honestly report that I have been the happiest - professionally- that I have ever been.

The clients have been fantastic.  I even feel as though some of them have become extended family.  Both students 

and parents have been nothing shy of wonderful.  And then there's Lauren; a dream to work for.  People would kill 

for a boss like her.  The most organized person I've ever met, she knows this business inside and out, and it is clear

that she has real relationships with the families with whom she matches the tutors. She makes doing the job so easy,

and she does it with the utmost professionalism, but also manages to show that she really cares about her tutors, too.


I have brought friends of mine aboard the Atrium team, and that's the biggest compliment I could give.  If you are 

looking for a great company- whether you need a tutor, or you are a tutor- know that that you are getting the real deal

with Atrium.


Jacqueline M- High School English tutor, SAT/ACT instructor. Essay Specialist and Executive Functioning

Coach - 2020


Working with Atrium Educational has been wonderful!  The flexibility in scheduling, responsiveness from staff and 

students alike, and eagerness of the students to learn is continuously encouraging and makes for an excellent

tutoring experience.  For tutors looking to expand their skillset and student base, Atrium Educational is a fantastic

opportunity which I intend to continue to work with for years to come!

Robert H - Senior Tutor for MCAT, AP Psych, Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chem, Statistics and High school and College level

mathematics- 2020


Working at Atrium has been an extremely positive experience for me. Lauren Salit is a dedicated educator and an excellent leader. She truly cares for her tutors and for the students they assist, and is never anything but understanding, efficient, and professional. Lauren consistently goes the extra mile, taking the time to discuss teaching strategies and always maintaining an open mind. Atrium itself is also extraordinarily thorough, providing parents with all of the tools they need, including regular assessments and insights. I am certainly looking forward to continuing my relationship with Atrium and with Lauren.

Ross R - Senior Specialist in SAT/ACT English, Ap Lang and Lit, Ap Gov, US and Euro, College Advisement and Essays



I have been working for Atrium for almost 7 years now, and I continue to enjoy my time tutoring for them.I always feel respected for my experience and knowledge.  Atrium makes scheduling new and returning studentssimple, and they always ensure both the student's and tutor's needs are met.  I am thankful to be a part ofAtrium, where I can provide my students with a  positive learning experience.


Gabi M- MathTutor 2022


Working at Atrium has been a very easy and rewarding experience.  I am free to have sessions scheduled around

my own schedule, have the flexibility of working on line or in person and am compensated fairly.  The students

I have worked with have all been hardworking and eager to learn, which helps the process to work.

I look forward to continuing to work with Atrium for many years to come.

Kevin M - Specialist in Math, Physics, GRE, Stats  and Physics  2022


I really enjoy being a math tutor at Atrium! The office staff is kind and communicative and I can tell they have the students’ best interests at heart. I feel informed about students ahead of time and the student/tutor pairings are always thought out. I feel comfortable making recommendations for students and feel like the office, parents, and tutor are always in communication and working toward the common goal of helping the student. Atrium is also very flexible and works with me to schedule convenient meeting times. I am impressed by the courtesy, professionalism, and support of everyone and appreciate that I can focus on what I do best, which is helping students succeed! I would recommend Atrium as a place to work for fellow tutors and a place for families to bring their students because the students’ needs will always be prioritized.

Emily I- Math Specialist 2022

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